You’re absolutely miserable.

You’re frustrated with weight gain, or you simply can’t lose that oh-­so-­stubborn belly fat, no matter what diet or exercise regimen you try. You’re tired of being so physically exhausted that even thinking about picking up your coffee cup makes you pooped. And, let’s not forget the stress in your life … you’re dealing with work and family, crazy drivers, aging parents, and, well, you just feel ‘wired’ all the time.

You’re MORE THAN READY for a solution … you can almost taste it … if only you knew what it was and where to find it. You’d be all in! The thing is, you’ve tried nearly everything under the sun and, sure, it works — for a while. But then it happens again — the weight creeps back on and, of course, so does the dreadful tight feeling around your waist. And the fatigue and stress don’t help matters any.

You wonder to yourself, “Will I be stuck with this belly fat forever?” I’m here to tell you ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! You can look good and feel even better and, not just for a while … I mean for the long haul! Let’s do this, shall we?

Hi, I’m Cheryl Wiest.

Just how does this work, you may ask? Because I’ve been down the same path, I know how to help you get to the nitty-­gritty of your struggles, and, together, we develop a plan of action to move you from where you are to where you want to be and, best of all, keep you there.
I’ve worn those same tight-­fitting clothes, looked in the mirror and didn’t like what I saw. I also know what’s possible because I did it and you can, too. Yes, you can, once and for all, quit sabotaging yourself by trying the latest and greatest diets and exercise fads, and, instead, learn and maintain lifestyle habits that support you … habits that are enjoyable, unique to you, and, most importantly, enable you to live life on your terms. If that describes you, be prepared to take charge so you can get your life back, pursue your passions, and radiate your joy to the world.

My Own Transformation — aka, the Oxymoron

I live and breathe health and wellness … it’s my passion. As a matter of fact, it is so deeply ingrained in me that, 17 years ago, I left a 22+ year career in the ‘heels and hose’ world to pursue it as my vocation. Having decided to enter the health ­related fitness arena, I became a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the National Strength and Conditioning Association (, and a CPT with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (, and, most recently, the Functional Aging Institute ( For four years, I was an Adjunct Instructor in the Kinesiology Department of a local community college, which led to my pursuing and completing a Master’s degree in Kinesiology & Health Promotion from the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Here’s the oxymoron part…my stress was mounting…did you see the word ‘stress’? Keep that in mind. Here I am, teaching, training clients, and pursuing a Master’s degree, all at the same time. I was 49 years old when I started the master’s program and 52 when I graduated. It didn’t make any difference to me that I was twice as old as most of my classmates. I knew I couldn’t compete with them. My competition was with myself. I wasn’t about to go through grad school just to get a passing grade. I had to ace every exam and project they threw at me.

And I did…but at a cost. I did it by giving up eating on a regular basis and not exercising like I’d been accustomed to. I distinctly remember having bags of pretzels and a diet soft drink for supper on countless occasions, and my exercise consisted of walking from my car to the classroom and back. Sleep? Sure, I slept. But only when I could no longer hold my head up from a textbook or my laptop. And then it happened … my waistline began to become thicker than ever before. Shoot, there were times when I looked down toward my feet, and it looked like I was 4 months pregnant!! I was so worn out that I cried at the hint of exams without being 100% prepared. I knew something was woefully wrong but couldn’t put my finger on it.

That’s when I began researching and I kept researching until I found it… the surprising solution that worked and hasn’t stopped working to this day. It was a combination of strategies that I applied to my unique situation. And, that, my friend, is the key: finding out what works for you and then creating a system that works for you.

Where I Am Today

Looking back, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Because my experience taught me that what works isn’t all about calorie ­counting or living on the treadmill. It’s much more than that. It’s about taking what we know to be true about stress, sleep, hormones, nutrition, and exercise and applying them in a very unique setting, one that matches the lifestyle of each individual client.Cheryl at the beach | Dealing with emotional eating
My clients have run marathons, climbed Machu Picchu, taken on the rigors of African safaris, kept up with their ‘energizer bunny’ grandkids, and engaged in many other of life’s adventures. Just like each of these women, your hopes and dreams are the driving force that you, and I will focus on when creating and implementing a program that will have you brimming with confidence, having lots of energy, and looking fabulous!

How I Can Help You Right Now

My mission in life is to help women who are ready to take action to lose the belly fat, sleep like a baby, and handle stress and, more importantly, to be lean and healthy for life.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re new here. I’m so glad you are! I believe the best way to start a new relationship is by giving. That’s why I’d like to share with you some of my top ­rated strategies that you can implement immediately so you can begin the ‘taking charge’ process.
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